"Trained to fight:" Three pit bulls seized in dog fighting investigation on their way to finding "furever" homes

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has been a long time coming, but three very special dogs from Milwaukee are on their way to finding "furever" homes. They are pit bulls linked to dog fighting, but now, they're getting a second chance at a happy life.

"When we first met them they were skittish. They're skinny and scarred up and seeing them leave today is unbelievable. You would have thought they were a different dog!" MADACC Executive Director Karen Sparapani said.

"You could never tell they came from such a horrible situation. They all have such positive attitudes. They are so happy to see you. We haven`t had any problems with any of them," Nichole Fairfield with the Capital Area Humane Society said.

On Sunday, March 15th, MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) released the last three dogs seized in conjunction with a large-scale dog fighting investigation back in 2011.

"Grew up in a brutal life. Never got any attention. Chained up most of the time and trained to fight," Sparapani said.

Sparapani says MADACC's staff members worked continuously to rehabilitate and condition these dogs.

"We worked really hard with them to get them to learn to walk on leashes and a lot of them learned basic commands -- sit, stay and roll over," Sparapani said.

Now well-behaved, these pups are off to live a better life.

"It does my heart good to be able to do something like this," Fairfield said.

The Animal Farm Foundation contacted the Capital Area Humane Society in Michigan to pick these dogs up from Milwaukee.

"We will bring them back to the shelter -- get them settled and acclimated," Fairfield said.

After working so hard to take care of these pups, Sunday was a bittersweet day for MADACC's staff.

"The good news is they are going to go to a place (where they can) get more rehabilitative work and get into homes and lead the lives they should have had in the first place," Sparapani said.

It is hoped that these dogs will go up for adoption this week. These three dogs were part of a group of 47 seized in dog fighting investigations. In total, 22 dogs were transferred for placement with various shelters and groups outside of Milwaukee.

Are you interested in adopting a pit bull?

MADACC has teamed up with the Wisconsin Humane Society for the "Get Lucky" joint adoption promotion in honor of St. "Pitty's" Day. Now through March 31st, adoption fees for these pups are just $17. This applies to all pit bulls over the age of six months at all three Wisconsin Humane Society campuses and MADACC.

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