Track Sandy's path with the "FOX6 Hurricane Tracker"

NORFOLK -- As Hurricane Sandy takes aim at the northeast portion of the United States, we invite you to check out the interactive "Hurricane Tracker."

The map on this page will update with the latest location and track of the current storm. It also features live video from storm chasers and other cutting-edge tools.

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No one hopes Hurricane Sandy lives up to its potential. The storm that has already claimed nearly two dozen lives in the Caribbean churned Friday near northern Bahamas, and meteorologists warn that it packs the potential to slam the Northeastern United States as soon as Monday with powerful winds, pelting rain and cold temperatures.

Worst case, Sandy could merge with a strong cold front from the west. The double threat could morph into a "superstorm" that could sit over New England for days, making untold trouble for millions of residents. Weather experts said it's a recipe not unlike 1991's "Perfect Storm."