Tow truck driver faces Milwaukee's 29th wrong-way driver on I-94

MILWAUKEE -- Late Tuesday night on I-94, a Milwaukee tow truck driver faced a wrong-way driver coming at him, and made split-second maneuvers to avoid a head-on collision. He wasn't hurt, but a motorcyclist behind him was seriously injured after colliding with the tow truck that had to stop suddenly. Officials say Milwaukee's 29th wrong-way driver just this year wasn't impaired. FOX6 News spoke with the tow truck driver about the night that likely could have been much worse.

King KJ Princewill said he was still a little sore Wednesday following Tuesday night's incident on I-94 near 25th Street.

Officials say an 80-year-old woman driving an SUV was headed eastbound in the westbound lanes of I-94 just after midnight. Along the way, she came upon Princewill's tow truck. Behind it was a motorcycle.

Police say Princewill slowed down to avoid hitting the SUV. When the tow truck slowed down, the operator of the motorcycle crashed into the back of the truck.

"I saw this lady in an SUV coming around the curb -- facing me. I blow my horn, turn on my hazards and start decreasing in speed. We made eye contact, so I saw her and she saw me. I'm waving my arms like 'STOP' and I'm slowing. Right before I got 20 feet in front of her, smack in the back of the truck," Princewill said.

The motorcyclist suffered serious facial and head injuries. He was unconscious and breathing, but not responsive at the scene. His condition has not been released since the crash.

Officials say the elderly woman told police she was lost and confused. Princewill says he feels her actions weren't intentional, but still believes she needs some sanctions.

"She was basically confused, looking like she was emotional. She cried for a little bit. Seeing that she was up there in age, the regulations on elderly driving should be tightened down. She should still have to do her test for her license, because you don't want this to be a repeat offense," Princewill said.

Police issued the elderly woman citations for driving the wrong way on a divided highway and inattentive driving. In an attempt to revoke her driving privileges, officials say she will be required to retest for her drivers license.

The woman was ordered to appear in front of the Milwaukee County District Attorney, where the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office will try to seek a charge of second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

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