Tosa Block Party is a LEGO-themed party venue, but it’s also a bar

It’s part play space, part rental space, and part bar, but most important – It has a whole lot of Lego parts. Brian is in Wauwatosa at Tosa Block Party where the entire family can find something fun to do.

About Tosa Block Party (website)

The foundation of Tosa Block Party lies in one man’s passion to see the world build.

The year is 2015. One brick-loving man dreams of a place where anyone can gather to discuss, swap, and assemble LEGO. There would be no more incomplete builds, because finding extra pieces would be a snap. 

Officially opened in October 2017, Tosa Block Party was born, realizing this dream of a social LEGO scene. Finally, LEGO people have an outlet to browse classic sets, unload their current collection to a loving home, and bounce ideas off of other LEGO architects. Families with children can come into explore the world of brick-building without committing to a new set at home, Kids can play, build, learn, explore, dream, and even celebrate.

No matter what you are looking for, if it involves Lego, we want to help!