Tornado siren sounded in some communities after malfunction in Hales Corners

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- A siren located near 108th Street and Janesville Road in Hales Corners malfunctioned Saturday evening, Oct. 26 when a control box became unlatched. With rain coming down, water began pouring into it, causing the siren to sound. This, according to Milwaukee County Emergency Management officials.

Emergency management crews were alerted and able to shut the siren off remotely from their 911 center.

Meanwhile, a worker from Milwaukee-based American Signal Corp. which manufacturers the sirens went to the siren and disconnected the power and back-up battery so it wouldn’t malfunction again. Full repairs were scheduled for Monday.

Officials with the National Weather Service said sirens were heard in multiple communities.

The Hales Corners Police Department noted in a Facebook post that the siren in that village was going off -- and indicated the following:

"At this time there have been no tornado sightings. We have been updated that is a malfunction somewhere within the Milwaukee County side of things. Please refrain from calling our dispatch about the issue. Milwaukee County is quickly working to resolve the issue."