TMZ: President Obama's dog 'Sunny' bites White House guest in the face

FOX6 News has learned President Obama's four-year-old dog, Sunny, bit a family friend visiting the White House on Monday, January 9th -- according to TMZ.

TMZ says sources of the girl who was bitten tell them she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog "bit her on the face." Leaving a pretty large and bloody gash.

According to TMZ, Obamas' family physician checked the girl out and decided she needed stitches. She will be OK, but will likely have a small scar -- TMZ says this is upsetting to the girl.

Courtesy: TMZ

Four-year-old Sunny is a female Portuguese Water Dog. The bite is out of character for the breed, as they are typically not aggressive in family settings.

Courtesy: TMZ

The Obamas own two Portuguese Water Dogs -- eight-year-old "Bo" has the title, "First Dog."

The White House has not commented as of yet.

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