Ticket scalpers say NCAA Tourney big business; BBB says beware

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Now that the NCAA Tournament action is underway, some whose favorite teams have been knocked out are trying to get rid of their tickets -- and there is an exchange of tickets occurring on Milwaukee's streets. So how do you know the tickets you're buying are legit?

On Milwaukee's streets, in the shadows of the NCAA Tournament, are ticket buyers and sellers. The hot item right now is tickets to the Tourney.

"Right now, I'm looking for Saturday," Codell Daniels said.

For Daniels, the NCAA Tournament is business.

"There's a profit in them -- a huge profit in them if you got the right seats," Daniels said.

Daniels is in town from Pittsburgh, looking to make some extra money.

"The guys that lost, those are the guys that will come out and sell you their tickets," Daniels said.

There is a huge pool of individuals looking to buy. Aron Bornstein on Thursday, March 20th scored two tickets for just $80.

"Online the prices didn't look that bad, but we thought there'd be some extras," Bornstein said.

Bornstein says buying tickets off the street is something he's done many times -- but you have to understand there is a risk.

"I'd be pretty annoyed if I paid $40 for nothing, but I've scalped all over and never really had an issue with that," Bornstein said.

The Better Business Bureau warns against buying off the streets -- especially during NCAA Tournament time.

"Look out. The deals are just probably not out there. I would just be very cautious," Wisconsin Better Business Bureau ‎President/CEO Randall Hoth said.

There really is no way of knowing what's real or fake until your ticket is scanned -- but that's not stopping some from trying to get a deal.

"One of my friends says there's never tickets -- and there's always tickets," Bornstein said.