Three shot, one dead near 48th & Lisbon in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a bar fight that ended up with shots being fired near 48th and Lisbon. Investigators say the shootings happened just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 18th. One person was killed and another two were wounded.

The victims include 25-year-old Thomas Haydon who was shot -- and later pronounced dead at Froedtert Hospital.

A 39-year-old man was shot and wounded in the leg. A 24-year-old woman was shot and wounded in the buttocks.

Police were on the scene Wednesday marking bullet holes and digging out bullets that hit a house near the alley where the incident apparently occurred. Neighbors say they heard numerous shots fired early Wednesday morning. "I was sort of nodding in and out watching the basketball game, and I heard an engine revving. I found out it wasn't an engine revving about 10 times. It was gunshots," neighbor Jonny Guy said.

William McKinnie lives just a few doors down, and says he wasn't surprised to hear of the shooting. "It's a common thing. People fight and they shoot," McKinnie said.

Neighbors point to a corner building as the possible location the victims and shooter or shooters may have been. Some say the main floor is a recording studio, with a party room in the basement that's become very popular.

The owner of Judy's Red Hots across the street says the place is usually open when the bars close, and he's seen people going to the building. "A woman half-naked, and young guys - they park in my parking lot. They park behind my store, in front of my store," Amjab Tufail said.

The owner of Judy's Red Hots says since his property is used as a parking lot for the building next door, without his permission, he gets blamed for problems that spill over. "My business has been very badly hurt because of them. A lot of my customers, they stopped coming in," Tufail said.

FOX6 News spoke with a man who was in the corner building at the time of the shooting. He says a party was going on in the basement, and says he heard 15 to 29 shots fired on the first floor. When he went outside, he says a group of people were dragging a woman toward Judy's Red Hots and another group was dragging a man into the parking lot. The man says when he was getting into his van, he saw a third victim limping from a gunshot wound to his leg. The man says he took that person to the hospital.

Police say their investigation into this shooting is ongoing.