Thompson, Baldwin meet for contentious second Senate debate

WAUSAU -- Wisconsin's U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Tommy Thompson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin met on the debate stage in Wausau Thursday, October 18th for the second of three debates before voters take to the polls November 6th.

It didn't take long for the back and forth attacks to begin during Thursday night's Senate debate.

"Unfortunately the Paul Ryan plan that Tommy Thompson has campaigned on this campaign is one that would give an enormous tax break to the very wealthy and pay for it with middle class taxes and cut the very programs that we're talking about in order to grow our economy," Baldwin said.

"I cut taxes 91 times when I was governor. She's voted for 155 tax increases. I cut regulation and she went to bat for the EPA against our paper industry," Thompson said.

This debate came one day after the most recent Marquette University Law School poll was released, showing Thompson with just a one-point lead in the race.

Baldwin’s image has taken a hit since the last Marquette Law School Poll. She has a 32% favorable/47% unfavorable rating compared to her 40% favorable/40% unfavorable rating from two weeks ago. Thompson’s favorable rating has barely changed since the last Marquette University Law School Poll. He currently has a 37% favorable/50% unfavorable rating.

When asked which U.S. Senate candidate “cares about people like you”, 47% of likely voters chose Baldwin and 41% chose Thompson.

Thursday's debate was contentious all night, with candidates touching on issues like healthcare, foreign policy, campaign money and taxes.

"The powerful, the wealthy have a legion of lobbyists always putting in loop holes and special tax breaks. It's loaded with them," Baldwin said.

"I would like to respond to this. The truth of the matter is, you've been in Congress. You've done nothing nothing to close one loop hole," Thompson said.

Baldwin and Thompson meet for a final debate next Friday, October 26th in Milwaukee.

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