"This is a special project:" Warplane of Vietnam War hero Lance Sijan on its way to new home

MILWAUKEE -- The warplane of Captain Lance Sijan, a Vietnam War veteran and Bay View Medal of Honor recipient, has been removed from its pedestal outside of what used to be the 440th Airlift Wing compound at Mitchell International Airport.

The jet was removed from that location so that it can be placed in a more prominent spot on the western side of the airport; a place where it will be more visible to more people.

Capt. Lance Sijan fighter jet moved

"This is a special project because it's a hometown hero, and you don't get to do something like this very often," said Steven Werlein.

Janine Sijan Rozina is Lance's younger sister and the person who championed the effort to move the plane from its perch to the new Captain Lance P. Sijan Memorial Plaza.

Capt. Lance Sijan fighter jet moved

"To give this F4-C, in honor of Captain Lance Sijan, a greater visibility," said Sijan Rozina.

The plane will include the story of Sijan surviving for several weeks after his plane was shot down over north Vietnam in 1967.

Capt. Lance Sijan fighter jet moved

"This is a beautiful example of the word, 'stewardship.' It is the concept of faith, work and economics intersecting -- and so, when that happens you can move mountains," Sijan Rozina said.

The hope is that the relocation helps other recognize Sijan's legacy.

"A made-up mind is a powerful thing, and if we decide together, and if we decide energetically, we're going to collaborate on this, we're going to succeed. There's not much that stops us," Sijan Rozina said.

The plane will remain on a flatbed for a couple of weeks until it is ready to be moved. It will eventually be rededicated in its new position at Mitchell International Airport. That is set for Friday, May 26th -- the start of Memorial Day weekend.

Removal of the Capt. Lance Sijan fighter jet from its pedestal