'This is a momentous day:' Pulaski High School obtains International Baccalaureate status

MILWAUKEE -- Pulaski High School in Milwaukee graduated to an elite level of education on Thursday, July 19. The school obtained International Baccalaureate status -- meaning students can now take classes and earn college credit.

Interim Superintendent Keith Posley

"This is a momentous day for the Milwaukee Public Schools," said Keith Posley, MPS interim superintendent.

It's an achievement three years in the making for Pulaski High School.

"And our young people can gain college credits and go off to the universities and may not have to take as many classes when it comes to the freshman year," said Posley.

Of those students who looks to benefit from being able to take college courses in high school is Jeremiah Baez.

Pulaski H.S. obtains International Baccalaureate status

"I want to go to college and study business," said Baez.

Jeremiah Baez

Baez said being able to earn college credit doesn't just mean getting ahead in school, but also saving a lot money.

"Kids are going to want to go to class. They're going to want to learn. It's going to be more difficult on us, but I think we're all up for the job," said Baez.

The process of getting accredited has been tedious to say the least, but officials said this level of elite academics will keep Milwaukee Public Schools at the forefront of a quality education.

"This is truly a game changer for our young people and their families," said Posley.

Pulaski High School

But are the students truly ready to put in the work that's now ahead of them? Baez thinks so.

"It's going to keep a lot of students more focused, on task and on mission," said Baez.