'Things, they just don't add up:' Family of 18-year-old shot, killed by police want answers

MOUNT PLEASANT -- It has been three months since an 18-year-old man was shot and killed by Mount Pleasant police. The young man's family says they still do not know why -- and believe the case is being covered up.

Ty'Rese West

Monique West

Monique West is mourning her son, Ty'Rese West, who was shot and killed by Mount Pleasant Police Sergeant Eric Giese early on June 15.

"He loved football. He was an outgoing person and got along with everybody," West told FOX6 News.

Investigators say West was riding his bicycle near 24th and Racine Street in Mount Pleasant. Police say Giese tried to make contact with West, but the 18-year-old ran. During a foot pursuit, Giese told investigators he saw West had a gun. Giese said he shot West after the 18-year-old did not comply with his commands. Investigators say a handgun was recovered at the scene.

Officer-involved shooting leaves 18-year-old man dead in Mount Pleasant

Officer-involved shooting leaves 18-year-old man dead in Mount Pleasant

"Two shots to the head. Three to the back. Two the shoulder. One in the leg. How? My son was running from y'all," Monique West said.

Now three months later, the West family is looking for answers. Racine police have been assigned the investigation.

Ty'Rese West

Barbara West

Grandmother Barbara West said it is a cover up. The family does not believe West had a gun.

"Things, they just don't add up," Barbara West said. "I'm not saying that Ty'Rese was an angel. He was an average teenager."

Monique West also wonders whether race played a role in her son being stopped in the first place. She said the initial interaction was over a bicycle headlight.

Giese, a 12-year veteran of the force, is on administrative leave.

"He was only 18. Y'all just took his life for not having a headlight on his bike. That's just like... You a monster," said Monique West.

FOX6 News reached out to Mount Pleasant police and Racine police. Neither returned our calls.

The West family attorney also provided FOX6 News a letter that was sent to investigating agencies -- asking to view any body camera footage of the incident. CLICK HERE to read that letter.