"They hugged each other!" Burglars pull off massive heist in broad daylight, caught on camera

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They are some pretty bold burglars caught on camera committing a crime in broad daylight! They appeared so comfortable, neighbors thought they were simply moving out of an apartment -- but they were actually burglarizing the place!

Surveillance video shows people going in and out, and cars going by -- but no one realized something was wrong.

"It's like they're heartless. You feel violated," the daughter of the victim said.

Video of the burglary is clear as day.

"He went through everything in her house," the daughter of the victim said.

Captured by a neighbor's camera, the video appears to show burglars loading up TVs and other stolen electronics from a home near 37th and Burnham.

"They need to be off the streets so no one else is victimized like this," the daughter of the victim said.

The daughter of the woman targeted in this burglary says the suspects busted in the side door that leads into the home's basement. Once they were in the basement, the burglars kicked in a door to access the home's main floor. The victim's daughter says they stole thousands of dollars worth of items, including the family's old videos on VHS.

"It's disgusting how someone could just come rummage through your house, your personal belongings," the daughter of the victim said.

Bob Gilchrist's camera captured the crime that appears to have started around 10:00 a.m. Friday, March 13th. The suspects were apparently at it for about four hours.

"There were people coming and going. To happen in broad daylight and to be able to spend that amount of time, so comfortable," Gilchrist said.

At one point, the camera got a good look at the man who appears to be at the center of the heist. The camera also captured a woman waiting by the apparent getaway vehicle -- and a hug between two of the suspects before one is seen taking off.

"They stood here and hugged each other, like score for a job well done," the daughter of the victim said.

Seconds after carrying their last load to the car, Gilchrist came outside to work on his car, and the burglars drove off.

"I mean, this was well thought out," Gilchrist said.

The victim's daughter tells FOX6 News she believes the burglars in this case may have somehow learned her mother's work schedule. But she says her mother wasn't actually at work when this incident occurred. Instead, she was at the hospital, visiting someone who had just suffered a heart attack.

Milwaukee police say their investigation into this incident continues. They say they're making progress and they are hopeful arrests will be made soon. If you have any information that could help police in this case, you're asked to please give them a call.