The final countdown: The candidates push to swing voters

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Wisconsin is just 10 days away from election Tuesday. It's the beginning of the final push to swing independent voters.

With a governor's race as tight as this one, it's not surprise one candidate has gassed up the campaign bus while the other is calling upon some political heavy hitters.

The Saturday morning sun lit the way for a busy weekend of Wisconsin lobbying.

Governor Scott Walker kicked off a 10-day bus tour with whistle-stops throughout the badger state. He began in West Allis.

"Point out that Wisconsin is much better off than it was four years ago, and it will be a much better four years from now if we move forward together," said Walker.

Another republican rally was happening in Mukwanago as U.S. Representative Paul Ryan backed Walker.

"We're here to talk to hard working Wisconsin tax-payers who appreciate what Scott Walker has done for them. This is going to be a very close election it's coming down to turnout," said Ryan.

At the same time, Scott Walker's challenger, Mary Burke, was getting support in Shorewood -- as volunteers prepared to canvas.

"To be president, and to really show we really believe in this campaign to elect Mary Burke," said Milwaukee County Supervisor, David Bowen.

And just a day before, former President, Bill Clinton, stumped for Burke in downtown Milwaukee.

Burke and Walker are in a dead-heat according to the latest Marquette University Law poll.

The former President taking issues with Walker's impinging campaign.

"Based on skills, attitude, their record, this should not be a close race. You've got to get everybody out and elect Mary Burke governor of Wisconsin," said Clinton.

On the flip side, on Saturday, October 25th, Walker used his opponents recent democratic guest list as a political jab.

"These are folks who are part of the power base in Washington, they are part of the big government special interests. They want to take things over in Wisconsin," said Walker.

Saturday begins the final push in Wisconsin's governor's race. The edge will likely go to which party does a better job of getting out the vote.

This Tuesday, October 28th, President Obama will be back in Wisconsin, back in Milwaukee campaigning for Mary Burke. He will be speaking at North Division High School. Doors will open at 4 p.m. The event is free, but you need a ticket. You can get one at the Democratic Campaign Offices in Milwaukee and Racine.