'The deadliest since we started tracking in 2010:' 12 drownings in Great Lakes over Labor Day weekend

KENOSHA -- There were 12 drownings in the Great Lakes over the Labor Day holiday weekend, including three in Lake Michigan, according to statistics provided by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.

Details on the three deaths in Lake Michigan are as follows:

    The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project called it the "deadliest Labor Day weekend since they starting tracking these statistics in 2010."

    Overall, since 2010, there have been 714 Great Lakes drownings:

      To date in 2018 by lake:

        They also noted that "people on social media abusing the stigma of drowning and attacking the victims and their family members," blaming the victim, parents/caregivers, or blaming this on "Darwinism."

        Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project officials said "I didn't know" is the number one thing they hear from family and friends of victims after these tragic events -- and they noted that water safety isn't common sense.