"Thanks for your service:" Milwaukee VA holds Veterans Day ceremony

MILWAUKEE -- At a special ceremony at Milwaukee's Office of Veteran Affairs on Friday, November 10th the men and women in uniform were honored by their own.

"Our job is to focus on the needs of veterans from every generation. To provide veterans with quality care and services they deserve," said Amerophan Callahan, Retired U.S. Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant.

Veterans took to the podium during the ceremony, offering remembrance and praise for other veterans. Pushing the attention from themselves to the audience.

"Veterans are kind of a culture onto themselves," said William Johnson, Milwaukee VA Medical Center.

William Johnson is a veteran who works at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. For him, Veterans Day is a time for vets to take care and appreciate one another.

"For me, it's more than just a career, it's a life work. I'm honored to be a part of something that takes care of these men and women who offered to give everything," said Johnson.

The ceremony featured band music, lectures, branch appreciation, and even a rifle volley.

"I was very honored to do it. Just doing the salutes -- I still get goose bumps from doing it," said Don Mumfor, American Legion Post 416.

Many of the veterans in attendance stood up from the pews proudly, as their neighbors on the bench cheered in appreciation for their service.

"Just thanking them, most of them really appreciate it if you say 'hey, thanks for your service,' I know I do," said Mumfor.

If you're a vetearn looking to see what kind of help you can get from the Milwaukee VA Medical Center, CLICK HERE.