Thank you signs popping up for first responders, essential services: 'I cannot imagine the stress'

FRANKLIN -- What started off as a small gesture of thanks has gone viral within communities across southeastern Wisconsin.

Maybe you've seen them, small signs or big banners with little messages of tremendous.

Julia Westphal

"I cannot imagine the stress of leaving my family and wondering what I'm going to encounter," said Julia Westphal. "Those on the frontline don't have that option."

Posted outside of hospitals and fire departments,  police stations and post offices, food pantries and more, the signs are the brainchild of Westphal

"I got a late-night idea, I started a Facebook group," Westphal said. "Said, 'Would anybody be interested in this?' People asked, they added others and we quickly grew."

Four days ago, a team of volunteers in the Facebook group pooled their money together. So far, 41 signs have been delivered.

"This is the ability for us to do something just to lift spirits," said Westphal. "We need that ability to get our gratitude to all of you, and tell you how much it means to us that everybody is putting themselves on the front line."

The group is coordinating its efforts and accepting donations and drop-offs on Facebook. CLICK HERE for more information.