"Tears started flowing:" Bus driver saves the day, her act of kindness as sweet as cupcakes

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pennsylvania -- A simple picture of Halloween cupcakes taken by a school bus driver in Schuylkill County has gone viral. Thousands have liked the photo on Facebook, and hundreds have commented -- not because of how the cupcakes look -- but because of the reason they were made.

They were baked by school bus driver Michele Yob to help one of her students who was having a rough start to her day.

Fourth-grader Farrah Heim got on Yob's school bus Monday morning, October 31st so excited, all dressed up for a class Halloween party at Blue Mountain Elementary in Cressona, Pennsylvania.

"I was dressed up as a dead witch," Farrah said.

Farrah brought along a batch of fresh cupcakes baked for her classmates.

"I was getting on the bus. Then the girl in front of me, she went to go up to the second stair and her leg whipped backwards and it hit the tray of cupcakes and they all fell on the ground," said Farrah.

"Everybody just froze," said Yob. "And I looked at her and I felt so bad because she is staring at the empty tray and the cupcakes on the floor and tears just started flowing."

Yob felt so bad for Farrah that she took the cupcake pan and in between her bus routes ran home to bake two dozen cupcakes and deliver them to Farrah in time for her party.

"I didn't know she was going to make me cupcakes but then the lady came in and said these are for Farrah Heim, and I was like, 'oh, my gosh! My bus driver made me cupcakes!'" Farrah recalled. "I was actually crying again but for happiness because I couldn't believe she would actually do that for me."

All the students in Farrah Heim's class were so touched they wrote a card and gave it to "the bus driver that saved the day."

"When she came on the bus and handed this to me and I read it, I cried," said Yob. "It's cute. All the kids signed it."

The school's principal decided to share the simple story of the bus driver's kind act on Facebook and it went viral.


Thousands liked it and hundreds have commented.

"People thought it was a really nice heartwarming story, a really nice positive story to hear now, especially," said Blue Mountain Elementary Principal Kristen Frederick.