Tailgating a big deal at Miller Park on Opening Day & all season

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- While Miller Park's main attraction will always involve the product on the field, there was plenty of interest in products in the parking lot on Opening Day, Monday, March 31st. Fans of most Major League baseball teams can hardly wait to get into the ballpark on Opening Day, but Brewers fans are different. They could hardly wait to get into the parking lot on Monday, and start their tailgating!

Before the first game of the season -- there's the first tailgate of the season!

"If you're a Brewers fan, you're tailgating!" a Brewers fan told FOX6 News on Monday.

In David Velasco's case, the tailgate involved a special trailer, fitted with a 55-inch TV, and a teed-up tapper.

"Been coming to the tailgate for 35 years," Velasco said.

He says his trailer drew interest from Brewers fans in the parking lot on Opening Day.

"They love it! They'll take a look and say 'Wow! How'd you do this? How'd you do that?'" Velasco said.

Larry Kyser says he wasn't willing to miss the tailgate and the game -- so he quit his job!

"We had a big order in, so he wouldn`t give me the day off, so I quit. I`m a Brewers fan all the way through. I wouldn't miss Opening Day," Kyser said.

Miller Park's Opening Day tailgate has grown so much during the past several years that FOX6 News actually saw some fans leaving the ballpark to get back out to the celebration in the parking lot.