Swaye Tea was created for the basic need to improve one's health

West Allis is quickly becoming a hot spot for unique local businesses that offer customers great products. Brian is at Swaye Tea where for the past year the owners have specialized in handcrafted teas and health products for their clients.

About Swaye Tea (website)

Swaye` was created for the basic need to improve one’s health. The increasing need for pharmaceuticals and the also increasing cost, we believe the saying “An apple a day” should be changed to “A cup of tea a day” To do this we took a journey to Mother Earth. Tea has been for centuries an essential part of Chinese Medicine. Tea migrated to the USA during the revolution but has been thus far, not widely use for medical alternatives. Herbal teas--less commonly called Tisanes--- are beverages made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spiced or other plant materials.  Discover the healing power of herbs through the simple, satisfying process of blending them.  Well Swaye` has plans to change that.  We pride ourselves on creating tea blends with maximum health benefits, no artificial flavors, and USDA Organic certified.

Our goal is to educate customers new and old alike on how to live a pharm-free. Herbs are where that begins by discovering the healing power of herbs through the simple, satisfying process of infusion.  With dedication and research, we’ve found that ailments like arthritis, high blood pressure, even the common cold can be remedied with a single cup of tea. We’ve watched, listen to, and been advised by professions in the field of herbal medicine. They have guided us down the ancestral path of herbal blends and holistic remedies.  But by speaking with you (the customer) on what you want or need most and all the suggestions and ideas we can one day become the leader in holistic teas. We cannot do this without you! Your interaction helps us offer you the best teas possible.