Sussex woman creates 'Be Kind' signs to send positive message

A Sussex woman's message of kindness is going viral — for its simplicity and timeliness. But the back story may surprise you.

Across the street from the Richmond School in Sussex, on the side of the road, sits a boat for sale.

Boat near Richmond School in Sussex

"It was put up for sale one evening, and the next morning when I took my kids to school, across the street, the boat had written "F-B-L-M," Bethany Bernhard said.

But it's how she responded to that message that's getting her a lot of attention.

"It was intentional and it was evil. So it got me right in the feels, and I just felt like we needed to counter the evil with good," Bernhard said.

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Bethany Bernhard covered a negative message with a positive one. 

Trying to find a way to correct this, she went back to the basics.

"This is a pretty universal statement that it doesn't matter what religion, what race, anybody can be kind," she said.

"Be Kind" was spray-painted onto a blue tarp, but in the days to follow, the message seemed to resonate and soon others were wanting their own "Be Kind" signs.

Bethany Bernhard

"I started with 40 and was very nervous that I'd be stuck with like 30 of them in my garage," she said.

But 40 wasn't enough as entire neighborhoods began to order their own.

"Being like, wait, I need more. Wait, I need more, hold on! Wait, I need way more!" she said.

"So I have 100 more coming today, and 250 coming this weekend," she said.

In the chaos of 2020, it's easy to get caught up.

But don't let this sign go unnoticed.

"It's bringing people together. So I'm looking forward to having a minute to drive around and look in subdivisions where there are streets full because that's what's happening," Bernhard said.

If you're interested in getting your own, "Be Kind" sign, CLICK HERE.