Survey: Quarter of women at UW-Madison sexually assaulted

MADISON — More than a quarter of University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate women who responded to a new survey say they've been sexually assaulted.

UW-Madison was one of 33 colleges that participated in the Association of American Universities survey this year. All students were given a chance to respond during a six-week period this spring, with 7,697 students, or 20% of university enrollment, answering.

The survey found that 26.1% of female undergraduate respondents said they'd been sexually assaulted since they entered college. Slightly more than 13% of female graduate students said they'd been sexually assaulted. Slightly more than 28% of students identifying as transgender, genderqueer, gender-questioning or who didn't list their gender said they'd been sexually assaulted.

The victim or perpetrator had consumed alcohol in 77% of the assaults.