Survey: More than 50% think stores should remain CLOSED on Thanksgiving has posted the results of its 2016 "Thanksgiving Day Shopping Survey," which found that more than 50 percent of people aren't pleased some stores are choosing to stay open on the holiday.

The survey was posted on October 23rd and included 502 American adults over the age of 18. It was conducted online by SurveyMonkey on our behalf from October 2nd - 3rd.

According to the survey results, of the 54.69 percent (nearly 137 million Americans) who say stores should NOT open on Thanksgiving, 37.72 percent feel very strongly about that.

Just 17.69 percent feel stores SHOULD be open on Thanksgiving -- so folks can get a jump on their Christmas shopping and take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents said they're indifferent about Thanksgiving store openings/closings.

According to, Americans are expected to spend around $3.65 billion this year on Thanksgiving. That includes both online and offline shopping.

Feelings About Stores Opening on Thanksgiving by Age:

Interestingly, the survey results show that younger Americans are more likely to view Thanksgiving openings positively or indifferently. Older Americans mainly hate Thanksgiving openings. In fact, the majority of those who DO NOT want stores to open on Thanksgiving are between the ages of 30 and 44:

Those who strongly dislike or dislike Thanksgiving openings

- 18-29: 34.26 percent
- 30-44: 58.27 percent
- 45-59: 57.45 percent
- 60+: 65.6 Percent

Those who strongly favor or favor Thanksgiving openings

- 18-29: 35.81 percent
- 30-44: 14.96 percent
- 45-59: 16.31 percent
- 60+: 8.0 Percent

The survey asked people whether they, themselves will be shopping on Thanksgiving:

- 60.28 percent (nearly 151 million Americans) NOT shopping at all on Thanksgiving
- 13.57 percent only shopping online
- 14.37 percent only shopping in-store
- 11.78 percent shopping online and in-store

And here's what shoppers who WILL hit the stores that are open on Thanksgiving plan to spend:

- 50.50 percent will spend $1-$100
- 21.56 percent will spend $101-$250
- 18.76 percent will spend $251-$500
- 5.19 percent will spend $501-$750
- 3.99 percent will spend $751 or more

Here is a complete list of stores that will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving, according to

    Independently Owned Stores That May Close on Thanksgiving

    Since the following stores are independently owned, each individual location will decide its Thanksgiving hours. We recommend calling your local store to find out if it will close on Thanksgiving.

      Retailers Closed on Black Friday

      Still not a common occurrence, here are the stores that will close their doors on Black Friday.

        Mall of America is Closed, But There is a Catch

        Mall of America will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. This means 1,300 employees will likely have the day off, but that could change if any of the over 500 individual stores decides to remain open. Certain mall employees — maintenance and security workers — will have to work if enough individual stores within the mall open their doors.

        CLICK HERE for complete Thanksgiving Day shopping survey results via