Surfing and outdoor ice skating in September?!

SHEBOYGAN, MILWAUKEE -- On Labor Day Weekend some lived a West Coast lifestyle -- taking in some surfing, while for others, it was all about a taste of winter on the ice. It was all a part of the annual Dairyland Classic.

We've never had a reported shark attack but we've had plenty of frostbite," host Larry Williams said.

The end of summer is the beginning of surf season in Wisconsin and on Lake Michigan.

"It's pristine blue water with six foot peeling waves that would make any ocean surfer go slack jaw," Williams said.

"Couple of months it will pick up. It will be a little cold, but it's the one thing to look forward to in winter," Carrie Cleveland, one of the competitors from Milwaukee said.

Meanwhile, on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, winter was embraced!

"We found this to be something that's really exciting for students to be able to get a taste of what winter is going to be like here in Wisconsin," Michael Laliberte, the vice chancellor at UWM said.

An ice skating rink was installed in the middle of campus, for the annual Fall Welcome.

"I can't ice skate but let's do it," sophomore McKenzie Pickett said. She never envisioned an outdoor ice skating rink in September, but she's already fallen in love with it.

"I think ice skating should be a year round thing. Just have them up wherever. Instead of sidewalks, we should just have ice skates," Pickett said.

Williams said the Dairyland Surf Classic could get bigger in the years to come, while at UW-Milwaukee, officials there plan on doubling or even tripling the size of the outdoor ice skating rink for next year's Fall Welcome.