Summerfest security beefed up over the weekend

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Summerfest is one of the biggest parties of the year and authorities are gearing up for a busy weekend.

Officers will be patrolling festival grounds, as well as the surrounding area, watching for intoxicated drivers. Inside the grounds, they're at full security staffing.

"Security's focus here is crowd management. It's keeping the crowd safe, making sure there aren't any mass crowd movements, that sort of thing," said Head of Security Bill Wesley.

Starting at the gates, festival goers are scanned with a security wand and bags are checked.

"If we see somebody that's obviously intoxicated coming toward the gates, they're not going to get in," said Wesley.

Inside, security guards keep watch for underage drinkers.

"The police are here to enforce the law and it's worked out very well for us around here," added Wesley.

Milwaukee Police will be patrolling throughout downtown and the Third Ward, as well as on the Summerfest grounds, working with security to make sure everything is in order over the weekend.