Summer "College for Kids" program brings in record numbers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Hundreds of kids have found a way to stay out of the heat, and they're learning in the process. Every summer, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers "College for Kids." It's a chance for kids grades K5 through 12th grade to take courses right on the college campus.

Classes include everything from art, to science and math, to theater and it all takes place on the UWM campus and classrooms.

“I think it’s just getting kids on campus and getting them aware of the opportunity, that it’s a goal for them later in life,” said program director Cindy Ruffert.

Courses are just two weeks long, but officials say that's long enough to make an impact.

“You'll be amazed at what they do in two weeks,” said Ruffert.

Parents agree and say the classes are more than worth it.

“They are valuable. It makes learning fun instead of making it a chore like some schools do. This makes it fun,” said a father of one of the students.

Kids taking courses have a lot of good things to say about the program as well.

“I do this because that way I won’t forget anything. I’m motivated, and when I get to school I’m prepared for school,” said Trinity Davis, a 13-year-old who has been with the program since 3rd grade. “It’s just prepared me for college in a very good way.”

This year there are more 2,000 kids and teens enrolled. That's a record for the program that has been running for 30 years.