Store owner, brother fight back, hold robbery suspect with his own gun

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A suspected robber was held at gunpoint with his own weapon! The owner of the El Paso store on Milwaukee's southside, along with another man, were able to foil this crook's plan.

On Sunday night, February 10th, El Paso owner Sukhjinder Singh says his senses and reflexes were put to the test.

"One guy came into the store. He just suddenly takes out the gun and pointed it at me. My brother was right outside in the store. Then, he point to him. He tried to shoot both of us," Singh said.

Singh says the suspect grew increasingly violent.

"He tried to kill us. He said he is going to shoot us, so give me all the cash -- whatever you have. Empty your pockets," Singh said.

It was then that Singh says his brother intervened.

"He was right behind him, so he just pushed him out and we come together. I jumped over the counter and come outside too, so we snatched his gun," Singh said.

The three men struggled outside, and employees yelled for neighbors to call for help.

Neighbor Tony Kettevong drove up and saw the tail end of the incident.

"He told me they wound up getting him on the ground, and they beat him with his own weapon. It could have went a different way. Luckily though, everyone is safe and everything," Kettevong said.

Singh says he and his brother held the suspect for about 15 minutes until police arrived. Still a little nervous and shaken from the incident, Singh says he is taking more safety precautions at the store, and said he is thankful he wasn't alone.

"He was going to shoot me if my brother wasn't here," Singh said.

The 26-year-old suspect was arrested -- and taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries he sustained during the struggle.