Stocked with thieves: Police called to Brown Deer Walmart weekly

BROWN DEER (WITI) -- The Brown Deer Walmart opened just two months ago, and it's attracting more than bargain hunters. The Walmart appears to be plagued with thieves. Instead of rolling back prices, officers are the ones rolling, right up to the front doors.

It may just be two months old, but already the new Walmart is getting its' fair share of loyal customers -- but not all are paying.

"We're probably averaging being there like 3-4 times per day," said Lieutenant Lisa Kumbier, with Brown Deer Police Department.

Thursday, two squads sit in front of the Walmart. A call for service, that has become the new norm for officers on duty.

"They are creative. Like you said some just use trash bags," said Kumbier.

Kumbier says nearly all of the calls, are for retail theft.

"It's been across the board. Everyone has their own motivation factors and why they need to steal," said Kumbier.

People stealing from a Walmart, maybe doesn't sound all that newsworthy, until you hear how many people have tried to rip off this location.

In a 10-day span, from late September to earlier this month, more than 26 arrests reported for theft. Police reports show hauls include everything from toothpaste, to fish tank plants, baby formula, even a roasted chicken.

"The store is new, and there has been some activity," said Kumbier.

A Walmart spokesperson says they are meeting with police weekly to address issues. They point out arrests, mean their staff is doing what they're supposed to.

The big store, has a big team on the inside.

When FOX6 News arrived with a camera on Thursday, we caught the attention of at least 5 employees who watched closely.

So security, is there, and from the numbers doing their job.

Both Walmart and police believe the numbers will go down with time.