State GOP 'united in ending' Evers' mask mandate as some municipalities look to strengthen it

Following demonstrations against Wisconsin's statewide mask mandate, a demonstration was held in support Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 4 in downtown Milwaukee.

"We know that masks work," said Greg Lewis, organizer. "Somebody has to stand up against the nonsense."

A rally at the Zeider Buidling supporting the statewide mask mandate included health care and service workers.

Rally in Milwaukee in support of Gov. Evers' statewide mask mandate

"We see COVID-19 as devastating to the black community, and in Milwaukee and across the country," said James Macon, union president representing Milwaukee County bus drivers and others who physically work with the public.

"We can't afford to lose anybody else," said Macon. 

The mandate, which began Saturday, Aug. 1, has been met with protests, and early efforts from Republican leaders to end it. Senator Steve Nass' chief of staff said Tuesday, "The senate Republicans are united and ready to go in ending the governor's emergency declaration. The Assembly Republicans continue to discuss their strategy."

Governor Tony Evers

Governor Evers responded to the pushback during a COVID-19 briefing Tuesday afternoon.

"We will have setbacks until we find out we're all in this together," said Evers. 

Rally in Milwaukee in support of Gov. Evers' statewide mask mandate

Meanwhile, in some communities, government officials are working to make mask mandates even stricter. Shorewood is one of them. Village leaders voted Monday night to draft a proposal which would require mask use outdoors, as well as indoors.

Frontline workers in Milwaukee asked those in power to let the statewide mandate stand.

"People laugh at me because I wear mine all the time," said one worker. "I'm gonna make sure that my loved ones are going to be protected."

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he's ready to support efforts to strike down the mask mandate -- and they could be ready to try sometime this week.

'Kids are kids:' Rite Hite YMCA offers 'breathable' masks to help children adapts to statewide mandate

Wisconsin's mask mandate took effect Aug. 1, and while Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Monday he's looking to strike it down, in the meantime, everyone is required to follow the order, including kids.

GOP leader wants Wisconsin Senate to strike down mask order

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he's talking with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos about a plan to strike down Governor Tony Evers' mask mandate.

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Protesters met outside Brookfield Square to express dissatisfaction toward the statewide mask mandate that took effect on Saturday.