Stars come out to help with final campaign push

MILWAUKEE -- On Saturday November 3rd, President Barack Obama will continue his final campaign lap in Milwaukee at the Delta Center, formerly known as the Frontier Airlines Center with the help of some star power.

Singer Katy Perry will join President Obama at a rally.

"We're just super excited to have the president in Wisconsin tomorrow along with Katie Perry singing. I think it's going to be a great event," Mike Tate the state chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said Friday.

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee says this is when campaigns try to get the base and volunteers to feel a final boost of energy for election day.

"On the weekend before the election you want to have a maximum amount of people who are part of your get out the vote effort on Monday night and then Tuesday," Lee said. "These are big names, Bruce Springsteen for my generation. Katy Perry for my son's generation. So anything that can be done that helps them get to the finish line is what they'll do."

In Wisconsin, along with Perry on Saturday and Bruce Springsteen on Monday, the star power comes with the Green Bay Packers. Bart Starr was at Mitt Romney's event in West Allis on Friday and Charles Woodson was at Obama's rally in Green Bay on Thursday.

"Whether it's players on the Green Bay Packers or Bruce Springsteen I think it sort of helps connect with people and their everyday lives," Tate added.

It's all about drawing people in to the events and getting volunteers out to the polls on election day.

"That's in a sense, the power of the star. The star is the magnet that who brings people, then you recruit them as volunteers," Lee said.

The appearances by the celebrities are not intended to sway a voter. Instead, they are more about reaching the campaigns base and using their energy to ensure a high voter turnout from their supporters.