"Stars and Stripes Honor Flight" Documentary World Premiere at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands honored "the greatest generation" at Miller Park Saturday, August 11th for the world premiere of the documentary "Stars and Stripes Honor Flight." The film follows World War II veterans as they visit the World War II Memorial for the first time. Nearly 33,000 tickets were sold for the screening at the ball park.

"Seven decades ago these men and women literally saved the free world," Joe Dean, the chairman of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight said.

"It's about telling these men and women of the greatest generation that what they sacrificed all those years ago has not been forgotten," Renee Riddle, one of the board of directors for Stars and Stripes Honor Flight said.

This film also tells the stories of the bravest during World War II, and how they came through during the country's most desperate hour.

"He looked at me right in the camera with total sincerity and said I could die happy man now that I've made this trip," Dan Hayes, the filmmaker of the documentary said. Hayes knew he had a powerful film to share by his very first interview he conducted with a veteran on Honor Flight, and he'd have the privilege of telling many more.

The attack on Pearl Harbor would become the catalyst for World War II Navy veteran Julian Plaster to enlist in the Navy at age 19. His hero's journey along with others is told in the film that would define him and his generation.

"I just felt like I had to do something. You don't really have time to stop and think and you're just trying to do your job," Plaster said.

It was Plaster and millions of other brave men and women who saved the United States.

The documentary shown in front of a packed Miller Park would prove to show the film was about much more than a trip to Washington D.C.

The final attendance count for the event was 28,442 -- setting a new world record for a documentary screening. The previous record was set at just over 27,000 in Brazil for a soccer documentary.

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