Standoff in West Bend leads to arrest of man accused of attacking brother; 5 guns, sword seized from home

WEST BEND -- A 22-year-old man was arrested after a standoff in West Bend -- accused of cutting his brother with a sword, and threatening him with a gun.

West Bend police said a call came in from the 24-year-old brother shortly before 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 16th.

When police arrived at a home on Hans Street near Schoenhaar Drive, they found the 24-year-old man outside the home with a cut to his abdomen from the sword. The 22-year-old man was inside the home, and refused to allow officers to enter, police said. Additionally, police said the man threatened to kill any officers who came into the home -- sending photos of himself holding a shotgun.

The West Bend Police Department's "Special Response Team" responded to the scene and safely evacuated several neighbors from the area.

Police said at this point, the man continued to threaten officers and refused to exit the residence. After several attempts, a West Bend police officer was able to make phone contact with the man. The officer talked with the man for over 90 minutes before he finally agreed to exit the residence and turn himself over to police.

At 5:25 a.m., the man exited the residence and was safely taken into custody -- arrested for two counts of recklessly endangering safety and failure to comply with officer’s attempt to take a person into custody.

Investigators recovered three handguns, a shotgun, a rifle and a sword from the residence.​