“Speed kills:" Deputies hand out 197 speeding citations in less than 1 week in Milwaukee Co.

MILWAUKEE -- 197 speeding citations were handed out by Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Sheriff's officials on Monday, November 27th released data from saturation patrols that took place November 16th through the 22nd.

A total of 229 citations were issued during this period.

Here's how the 197 speeding citations break down:

    “Speed kills. Most of the freeway crashes are the result of people who are driving too fast for conditions and reckless driving. Our saturation patrols help change unsafe behavior on the freeway," Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt said in a news release.

    Sheriff's officials noted there have been 4,400 crashes in Milwaukee County year-to-date, with eight fatalities. Additionally, there have been 691 OWI arrests year-to-date, and and 93 arrests for OWI/drugs.

    MCSO officials said this in the news release:

    "The focus of the saturation patrols is on reducing crashes, serious injury and property damage, and is not based on generating revenue. Construction zone safety is also compromised by speeding, reckless drivers. Motorists need to obey Wisconsin's MOVE OVER LAW, moving over a lane for emergency vehicles and tow trucks, or slowing to under 40 mph if unable to safely change lanes."