Special hearing: Common Council to hear from community-based organizations on public safety concerns

MILWAUKEE -- The first in a series of hearings where members of the Milwaukee Common Council will hear feedback from community-based organizations and you, as a member of the public will take place Monday, October 3rd.

This first special hearing will involve members from community-based organizations in Milwaukee.

It will be an opportunity for representatives to provide input, ideas and feedback on potential solutions to the city’s public safety issues, according to a statement from city officials.

The hearing will take place at 9:00 a.m. at City Hall.

“The committee will allow organizations to come to the table to be heard on Monday without a large group of citizens or other speakers to contend with. We want to hear from them (organizations) directly and exclusively," Alderman Bob Donovan, chair of the Public Safety Committee said in the statement.

Details on similar upcoming hearings where you, as a member of the public, can weigh in are as follows:

    In addition to members of the public, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, representatives from the Office of Violence prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services the Community Justice Council, the Fire and Police Commission and the Common Council have been invited to attend.