'Something that worries me:' Pope says he's worried about homosexuality in priesthood

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has been quoted as saying homosexuality in the clergy "is something that worries me."

In excerpts from an interview to be published soon in a book, he was also quoted as saying "in our societies it even seems homosexuality is fashionable."

Italian daily Corriere della Sera's website Saturday ran book excerpts.

Separately, the Italian news agency ANSA quoted Francis in the book as labeling as an "error" the argument that having gays in convents "isn't so grave." Francis says "there's no place for that kind of affection" among clergy.

In the interview, Francis says homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to become priests or join other religious orders, even while living in service to the church, the Christian community and the "people of God."

Catholic teaching considers homosexual activity sinful.