'Somebody else needs it more:' West Allis officer pays it forward, donating stimulus check

WEST ALLIS -- A West Allis police officer, having received his coronavirus stimulus check, has decided to pay it forward -- donating the money to someone in need.

"This community has given the police department, and officers, so much throughout the years, and now, it's my turn," said Officer Charles Clark.

Officer Clark said when he received his stimulus check, deciding what to do with the money was a no-brainer.

"I was actually cleaning up a crash scene with a couple of firemen, and we got to talking about it, and I said look, I'm getting a check, and I don't need it. Somebody else out there needs it more than I do," said Officer Clark.

He said he's fortunate to be in a situation where he can give back.

"I'm in a position right now as an essential employee that I'm still getting paid, and the way that I look at it is, there is definitely a lot more people out there that need a lot more help than I do," said Officer Clark.

As for who will receive the money, Clark said Sunday, April 19 that was still being worked out.

"Through friends and family, I've identified three people, or three families, that need some help," said Officer Clark. "Maybe it helps a couple people out for a couple of days -- gets them some food or something."

Officer Clark said Sunday the hope was to be able to pass the money along in the next couple of days.

"I encourage anybody that can -- it just takes a couple of questions asking, 'Do you know anybody that needs some help?'" said Officer Clark.

One of West Allis' finest is truly living up to the name.

If you haven't received your stimulus payment, you can track the status by CLICKING HERE.