Some voters in Milwaukee not checked against ineligible voter list

MILWAUKEE -- Over 200 people who registered to vote at the polls in Milwaukee were not checked against a list of felons ineligible to vote.

The mistake was discovered Monday, October 22nd on the first day of in-person early voting in Wisconsin.

The city of Milwaukee Election Commission says typically the cross-referencing the list is only done on election day -- not with people voting in-person absentee.

The state elections board has since clarified the policy.

In response to reports that the city of Milwaukee has disregarded checking absentee ballot voters and new registrants with the ineligible voter list, the Republican Party of Wisconsin announced it filed an open records request to provide the names of all individuals who have cast absentee ballots in the city of Milwaukee for the November 6th general election.

In a statement sent to FOX6 News, Nathan Conrad with the Republican Party of Wisconsin said: “Outside City Hall yesterday, Mayor Barrett was posing for pictures with actress Ashley Judd. But inside, the city of Milwaukee was failing to use the state’s ineligible voter list for individuals registering and casting absentee ballots. Mayor Barrett and his hand-picked director of the city of Milwaukee Election Commission, Neil Albrecht, have clearly dropped the ball. It is incumbent upon both Mr. Albrecht and Mayor Barrett to begin following standard procedures and protecting the integrity of the election process.
Today, we’re asking the city of Milwaukee to provide the Republican Party with not only the names of the absentee ballot voters, but to immediately begin the process to verify that no ineligible voter casts a ballot."