Some question UW-Parkside notification after stabbing

KENOSHA (WITI) -- Some have questioned the way UW-Parkside officials went about notifying students and faculty following a stabbing on the campus on Tuesday evening, April 9th. On Wednesday, school officials released additional details on the stabbing and administrators said they followed a protocol for notification that fit the circumstances.

Assistant Chancellor for University Relations, John Jaraczewski says University Police responded to an on-campus student housing unit, where they provided assistance to a male student who had apparently stabbed himself in the presence of two other students.

"The initial findings suggest that it was a self-inflicted wound. The University Police assessed that there was no further danger to the rest of the campus community -- that it was isolated to these individuals in this specific residence hall area," Jaraczewski said.

Based on this assessment, Jaraczewski explained campus officials focused their efforts on the students involved. Roughly three hours later, an email was sent to students, alerting  them of the situation, and some began questioning the timing.

"We were trying to stabilize the situation for those immediately impacted -- ensuring that the person was at the hospital delivered safely, and then sort out the facts so that we knew what we were communicating was factual, appropriate, respected privacy, but gave the public and our community enough information," Jaraczewski said.

Had the circumstances been different, administrators say they would have adjusted their protocol.

Students on Wednesday told FOX6 News they are satisfied with the administration's actions.

"Everything was handled the way it was supposed to be handled, and we all good. I'm not worried about my safety. Everybody here feels safe. Everybody going on about their normal lives," one student said.

"The communication was fine. This is one of the safest schools, I think, you could be at. I feel so safe here," another student said.

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