Some patrons thrown off by Courthouse closure Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Courthouse was shut down on Tuesday, January 28th due to the extreme cold -- a move that rarely happens. Some Courthouse visitors could have saved themselves a trip -- as FOX6 News learned not everyone got the memo!

The Courthouse was closed Tuesday -- but still, people approached the building, only to find their day in court has been postponed.

Folks' responses ranged from "not happy" to understanding when they found the doors locked. Some fit a trip to the Courthouse into a lunch break, but others took an entire day off work in the hopes of getting things done.

Maria-Elana Kvalheim came to the Courthouse Tuesday with her husband of 20 years.

"We tried to get our marriage certificate, but can't. I do not know why the Courthouse is closed," Kvalheim said.

The couple had to take a cab to the Courthouse Tuesday.

"My car started shaking in the wheels so I was afraid to drive it," Kvalheim said.

FOX6 News observed about four or five people every hour showing up to find the Courthouse closed. Everything scheduled for Tuesday will be made up at the same time on Wednesday.

Near the Courthouse Tuesday, Vesla Hoeschen and her three children were keeping warm in the van, waiting for the library to open.

"It's cold and we needed something to do. I think it would be really hard to report to a job today, if I had too. I 've got friends who work at the airport. They are outside today. That's a really hard job," Hoeschen said.

Because of the cold, the Milwaukee Public Library's Central Library branch opened at noon instead of 9:00 a.m.

Like the decision to close the Courthouse, reducing library hours is a decision that's not taken lightly.

"Considering the weather and considering the reduction in hours it was really good to see the usage we had which made it clear to us it was completely worth it to be open for the patrons who still need us," Deputy Library Director Joan Johnson said.

The Courthouse reopens on Wednesday -- and Central Library will be back to its regular hours.