Some Milwaukee restaurants' safety plans approved by health department ahead of September deadline

As the city of Milwaukee moves into phase 4.1., several establishments got their safety plans approved by the health department. 

These placards are now displayed at several restaurants.

“It means that we are, we have passed the application process, technically we are approved for 100% seating capacity, we are compliant with every single procedure that the health department has recommended,” said Matthew Lorbiecki of Lowlands Group.

The Lowlands Group is one of the first to have their COVID-19 safety plan approved. 

Cafe Benelux

While they don't plan on seating at 100 percent capacity -- it protects the locations for the future. 

“If, for instance, something happened with COVID and these situations got worse and we had to go back from phase four to phase three and go to-go only, anyone with that plan and that sticker on the door essentially we can still continue to have full service in our restaurants,” Lorbiecki said.

Matthew Lorbiecki

In addition to regular disinfecting and sanitizing, and reminders scattered throughout the restaurants, a new part of the Lowlands Group plan includes a cleaning log. 

“Now that we have an actual cleaning log, now any of us can walk into a restaurant and go yep, verified and feel comfortable that everything is being followed,” he said.

The Lowlands Group is now working on expanding indoor seating for the fall. 

Businesses have until September 15 to submit their plan to the health department in order to continue in-person dining. 

A list of establishments approved so far:

-Hawthorne Coffee Roasters/Foxfire food truck 4177 S Howell Ave.

-Coast/Miller Room 931 E Wisconsin Ave.

-Café Hollander 2608 N Downer Ave

-Café Benelux 346 N Broadway

-Café Centraal 2306 S Kinnickinnic Ave.

-Jacks American Pub 1323 E Brady St.

-Camp Bar 525 E Menomonee St.

-Carnevor 718 N Milwaukee St

-Camp Site 131 131 N Jackson St.

-Deer Camp 1023 N Old World Third St.

-Harbor House 500 N Harbor Way

-Milwaukee Steak House 6024 W Bluemound Rd.

-Jo Cats 1307 E Brady St.

-Milwaukee Brat House 1013 N Old World Third St.