Some caught off guard by Milwaukee Co. Courthouse closure

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Thousands of people walk through the doors of the Milwaukee County Courthouse each day. But on Tuesday, July 9th, for the second day in a row, they weren’t able to. The courthouse and the public safety building were shut down after a weekend electrical fire.

Day two of the closure of the Milwaukee County Courthouse brought people with a whole range of emotions.

“I’m indifferent I'd have to say. I'm not necessarily excited or mad, just, I don't know. Now I have to take care of business at another time I guess,” said Steve Reupert.

“I`m just surprised,” said Artinmus Hudson, “I don't get too many days off to you know run my errands, but I mean it is what it is.”

Cleaning crews were still outside and inside the building; cleaning and repairing the damage caused by the fire.

Courthouse officials said the closure is necessary. They said they will take as much time as they need to clean everything up and make sure it's safe for people to once again go about business as usual.  They said that could happen as soon as Wednesday.

Ben Zoch hopes it’s soon. He and his wife-to-be are getting married this weekend, and have yet to pick up their marriage license,

"I don't need it until, well I need it on Saturday, but before that I'm okay," said Zoch.

Zoch knew something was off the second he got to the courthouse this morning, "I was surprised that there were parking spots, as close as there were,” he said.

But Zoch's mind was so preoccupied with his upcoming wedding; he didn't notice the doors were locked until he saw the signs on the doors.

The hope is to open the doors by Wednesday morning. Anyone who had a court date Monday or Tuesday is asked to return next week on the same day.