Social Media 101: In this digital age, parents learn how they can protect their children from trouble online

BROWN DEER (WITI) -- A lesson at Brown Deer High School Tuesday evening, February 17th: This one, for parents! After some recent incidents, Brown Deer police and school officials teamed up to teach a class -- Social Media 101.

School leaders say the meeting was planned months before Brown Deer police arrested four students after an alleged "sex party." Yet that incident was what many parents were thinking about Tuesday evening.

The digital age and all the new media can be overwhelming for parents. Patty Freuler is the mother of two high school boys.

"I know they are texting all time. I really don`t believe they understand the ramifications of what they do," Freuler said.

Freuler joined dozens of other parents at Brown Deer High School on Tuesday evening for a crash course on the latest social media trends and the dangers of posting too much information on sites like Facebook and via apps like Snapchat.

Parents have reason to be concerned. During their winter break, four Brown Deer Middle School students allegedly recorded a so-called "sex party" with their smartphones. While not a direct response to that incident, Tuesday evening's meeting was a way for parents to learn about the tools they need to stop this kind of activity from happening.

Police advise getting your kids username and password for social media websites. They say parents shouldn't allow cell phones and tablets in private areas where sexting can occur.

In 2012, police say two 14-year-old Brown Deer Middle School students shared nude photos of each other via Facebook. A year later, those images spread after they were shared with others.

"The moment I stop asking questions, I`m not involved in their lives," Freuler said.

Police say the case involving the alleged "sex party" has been turned over to children's court officials. We'll know within the next 90 days whether the students arrested will face charges.

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