Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen brings star power to Obama rally

MADISON -- Singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen brought some serious star power to the campaign rally for President Barack Obama in Madison on Monday, November 5th.

Even before midnight, lines started forming near Capitol Square.

"I started my drive last night at 10 o'clock," Leanne Warty, who lives two-and-a-half hours away from Madison said.

In 25 degree weather, it was the excitement for the big rally that kept the cold at bay.

"It's the day before the election.  Bruce Springsteen is going to be here -- and Obama.  How many times in my life are we going to be able to see Obama?" Michael Weigland said.

Springsteen played four songs, did an impersonation of President Obama and introduced the President before a crowd of 18,000.

"I stood with President Obama four years ago, and I stand with him again today," Springsteen told the crowd.

Springsteen took the stage around 10:30 a.m. and joked about how early it was to be playing music, "particularly if you don't have a voice.''

Springsteen played acoustic guitar and harmonica and opened with "No Surrender'' followed by "The Promised Land.'' His third song had the refrain "Four More Years'' and included the line ''So I came to Wisconsin looking for a date. We kissed and I said it was a hell of a state.''

Springsteen closed with "Land of Hope and Dreams.''

"He's a smart president.  That's a smart decision.  This makes a beautiful photo op.  It's very exciting," Springsteen fan Dan Bohrod said.

While some came to see Springsteen, others called the rock legend's performance an added bonus -- saying it helps boost support for President Obama on the final day of the campaign.

"I'd like to think that good policies are more important, but this is the United States of America after all, and we go for celebrities," Rebecca Alwin said.

Springsteen encouraged the crowd to head to the polls on Tuesday - a message that seemed to resonate through the crowd just hours before the polls open in Wisconsin.

"It's the scene, it's the excitement, it's the fun, it's the whole vibe.  It's everything," Bohrod said.

On Saturday, November 3rd, pop superstar Katy Perry joined President Obama at a campaign event in Milwaukee. 

Springsteen and Obama were both also slated to appear in Columbus, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa, later Monday.

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