Sikh Temple shooting victim Punjab Singh released from hospital

OAK CREEK -- The family of Punjab Singh -- one of three critically injured in a shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek on August 5th said Singh has been released from the hospital as of Wednesday, October 17th.

In a statement, Singh's family said he was cared for at Froedtert Hospital for over two months following the shooting, and continues to require around-the-clock care. Singh has been transferred to a health facility where he will receive continuing care.

Singh's family said in the statement: "We are grateful to the doctors and nurses at Froedtert Hospital for their compassionate care, and to the people around the world who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers."

Singh was critically injured in the shooting after he was shot in the head by gunman Wade Michael Page.

Singh’s family visited the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek every morning to pray for him. When they were not at the temple, they were at his bedside, holding his hand and massaging his feet.

Singh, Sanktoh Singh and Lt. Brian Murphy were each treated at Froedtert Hospital after they were critically injured in the shooting.

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