Sikh skywriting pays tribute to Lt. Brian Murphy

NEW YORK -- Skywriting over New York City's Central Park on Sunday, August 26th acknowledged the Sikh Temple shootings and Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy.

The skywriting was captured in the YouTube video below -- and also included messages of unity and prayer.

The Sikh community in Wisconsin hopes the powerful words can make a difference throughout the world.

The words in the air red: "Sikhs, united we stand. We pray for those lost and healing. We pledge to fight hate against all people. Thank you Lt. Brian Murphy and Chardi Kala which means, high spirits."

The creator also put this message on social media, encouraging folks to stand up and fight against hate and to speak out against violence.

"I like it. It sends a message not about Sikhs, but a message in general about the problem we have here in our country -- just the general violence,"

Since the August 5th shooting at the Oak Creek Temple, support has been flowing into Oak Creek from around the world. Banners line the temple walls.

"We went through a lot of trauma, sadness and fear. When you see things like that and when you read the banners and letters and cards it takes away all that sadness,"

Perhaps no single message reminds so many people that the Sikh community is an American community.

"This is amazing. I thank all the people who made this happen,"

Members of the Sikh community say positive energy and message having been coming in non-stop since the shooting. To help spread awareness, they've been asked by several churches and faith groups in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa to come in on a day of prayer to explain more about the Sikh religion and culture. So far, four of those events are lined up for September.

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