Shoppers, retailers gearing up for Black Friday

Black Friday is coming even earlier this year, with several stores opening up on Thanksgiving Day, and with three days left until the big day, shoppers and retailers are getting ready for what's sure to be a long shopping day, and sale signs are already going up!

A National Retail Federation survey found up to 152 million people plan to shop on Black Friday, up from 138 million last year. Mayfair Mall is just one place getting ready for the barrage of shoppers on Friday, and the mall says they'll offer all kinds of goodies for early birds, including free coffee, snacks and gift cards offering deep discounts.

Many stores are opening up at midnight on Friday, but some are pushing the hours right into Thanksgiving Day, with Wal-Mart opening up at 10:00pm Thanksgiving Day, and Toys 'R Us opening at 9:00pm. Macy's, Best Buy, Kohl's, Boston Store and Target will open at midnight. Target's plan to open at midnight has caused a backlash amongst employees, who say they shouldn't have to give up time with family on Thanksgiving Day for work. They've put together a petition to "Save Thanksgiving" in favor of a later opening time, and say they've gathered 194,000 signatures so far. A Mayfair Mall representative says the earlier hours are due to shopper demand.

"Every year, they've been pushing the envelope a little bit more. The guests are the ones who really want (the earlier hours) because if they weren't coming out, retailers wouldn't be offering it," Mayfair General Manager Stephen Smith said.

Kristin McIntosh says she probably won't sleep at all Thanksgiving Day, but will rest once her Black Friday shopping is in the bag. "I will probably be up all Thanksgiving, then, once we're done, go home and sleep. It's kind of overwhelming. If you know you are looking for a certain thing, like a TV or a video game, I look at all the ads, and then choose which store to go to," McIntosh said.