Shoppers make returns and look for deals the day after Christmas

MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- Christmas may be over but the holiday shopping season continues as many retailers were ready for the day after Christmas crowds. The shoppers were ready, too!

“You just want to get in get it done,” said Angela Brill. “You are coming early so you don't have to face the big crowds."

Many shoppers were surprised there wasn’t as big of a crowd as was expected, even as the day progressed.

“It wasn’t bad at all. I thought it would have been worse,” said Sam Uselman.

“I thought it might be really busy this morning, but I don't have to battle against lots of other people so that's good,” said Linda Runingen.

The day after Christmas is usually a very popular day to head to department stores, especially for returns and exchanges.

Due to a high rate of returns and exchanges, retailers are cracking down on policies -- many requiring a receipt or ID. Shopping experts say stores lose an estimated $3.4 billion during the holiday season due to fraud.

Many shoppers have nothing to return, but hit the stores looking for deals instead.

“It's cheaper the day after Christmas, and we have a lot of Christmas money," said Uselman.

While some people are checking things off their own lists, others are already planning ahead for next Christmas. Retail experts say shoppers can expect discounts of 30-50% off on top of sales of up to 75% off in some cases.

“I have eight grandchildren and I could never afford to buy everything I buy for them if I didn't do the sales,” said Karen Johnson.

Several stores opened early for their day after Christmas sales, including Kohl's which opened at 5 a.m.