'Shooting in the air:' Video shows young men attempting to steal vehicle before fatal gunfire

MILWAUKEE -- Surveillance cameras captured a mad dash near 40th Street and North Avenue Monday night, Jan. 20 -- as two young men ran from a vehicle they were trying to steal. One left a weapon in the snow during the chaotic few seconds that involved gunfire and changed one family forever.

Just after 9:15 p.m. Monday, surveillance cameras captured a man who left his vehicle running as he entered a store in the area. Less than a minute later, a silver sedan pulled into the parking lot, and two young men stepped out of the slow-moving vehicle -- dashing into the vacant one. Just as the person who hopped into the driver's seat attempted to drive away, the owner thwarted that plan.

Vehicle owner walks into store near 40th and North

Owner returns to vehicle from store near 40th and North

Occupants bail from vehicle near 40th and North

"They get to jumping out, bailing out," said Jeffrey Brown. "They dropped an air gun, whatever it was. Left a phone in the car and took off."

The video showed one of the men dropped what appeared to be a gun as he scrambled away. Brown was working at the store and said he soon heard gunfire.

"They took off, with somebody shooting in the air, crossing the street," said Brown.

Occupants bail from vehicle near 40th and North

The video showed a bullet struck the roof of the building, as the owner of the vehicle that was nearly stolen hopped inside for cover. Meanwhile, an innocent bystander ran to safety behind his truck.

Bullet hits roof of store near 40th and North

"I don't think they were aiming at anything, but shooting in the air," said Brown.

Police said shortly after the shooting, an 18-year-old man was dropped off at St. Joseph's Hospital with a gunshot wound and died.

On Tuesday, police continued to investigate to determine who pulled the trigger.

"They need to grow up," said Brown. "Life is short. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Love it."

Bystander seeks cover amid shooting at 40th and North

As of Tuesday -- there were plenty of unknowns in this case, with Milwaukee police only saying no arrests had been made, and they were working to determine a motive.