Sheriff: Search for 24-year-old man who fell into Milwaukee River now a 'recovery effort'

MILWAUKEE -- The search for a 24-year-old man who fell into the Milwaukee River near Humboldt Avenue and North Avenue Sunday night, July 12 became a recovery effort as of Monday evening, the Milwaukee County sheriff announced.

Sheriff Earnell Lucas said the man who was with a friend in the area Sunday evening grabbed onto a tree branch which collapsed, and he then fell into the water around 7 p.m. People on shore made efforts to rescue him, but he was swept away by the current.

FOX6 News crews saw MFD, Milwaukee police and U.S. Coast Guard boats searching the water, along with at least two divers -- and a sonar system. A neighbor said this particular area is popular among rowers, kayakers and boaters.

Sheriff Lucas noted "very treacherous waters" and said the height of the water, murkiness and "a lot of rebar and other things under the water" making this search "very challenging for divers." However, Sheriff Lucas said the search would continue Monday night "in the hopes of bringing closure to the family" of the young man "in the prime of his life, enjoying a Sunday afternoon with a friend, who had the misfortune of falling into the river."

Search continues for 1 person missing in the water near Humboldt and North

MCSO officials confirmed the search was called off due to poor visibility Sunday evening.