Sheriff Clarke detains airline passenger who became drunk, disorderly on flight to North Carolina

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County's sheriff says he detained an airline passenger who became drunk and disorderly on a flight originating in Milwaukee.

Sheriff David Clarke said Monday, September 26th the male passenger was intoxicated, profane and harassing the flight attendants and passengers during the flight to Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday.

Clarke says he told the man to "chill out" when the passenger began harassing a flight attendant. The sheriff says the man began taunting him as the plane taxied to the gate, so he shoved him face down and pinned him against the seat until they reached the gate. A police officer boarded the flight and Clarke says he used her handcuffs on the man.

Charlotte police are holding the 36-year-old Milwaukee man on a possible charge of being intoxicated and disruptive in public.

CLICK HERE to read a statement from the Sheriff's Office on this incident.